The Effect of Different Massage Protocols on Running-Based Anaerobic Sprint Test Performance During and After Ramadan

Ramazan BAYER, Özgür EKEN, Fatma Hilal YAĞIN, Mehmet ILKIM


Purporse: Different methodologies are applied to increase the performance of athletes in sports involving high-intensity activities. Some of these methodologies can be listed as massage applications used before sports activities and listening to music. Listening to music with pre-competition massage treatments can have an impact on performance, but the effect of massage and listening to music during and after Ramadan may arouse curiosity. The aim of this study is to determine the effect of massage and massage + music protocols applied during and after Ramadan on Running-Based Anaerobic Sprint Test Performance (RAST).

Methods: Twenty athletes (age, 21.30± 1.49 years; height, 175.10± 2.51 cm; 74.50± 2.79 kg; BMI 24.30±.75) who exercise regularly participated in the study. The study was carried out using four different protocols during the month of Ramadan (massage/massage+music) and after (massage/massage+music) after a 5-minute warm-up at 72-hour intervals. RAST was applied after massage applications and maximum, minimum, average power and FI values were evaluated after RAST.

Results: It showed that ARMM protocol values were more effective than RM, ARM and RMM protocols.

Conclusions: Massage+listening to music before performing RAST can be recommended to coaches and athletes.

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