Analysis of Anxiety Status of Faculty of Sports Sciences Graduates before Taking the Public Personnel Selection Examination (KPSS)



With the decrease in job opportunities in different sectors, it also brings anxiety in individuals. In daily life, individuals are mentally and emotionally affected as well as being affected by the social environment network they are in. This situation of future anxiety in individuals is seen to cause exam anxiety in those who will take the exam. In order to examine the exam anxiety that occurs as a result of future anxiety, it was aimed to determine the anxiety status of individuals who graduated from the faculty of sport sciences before taking the public personnel selection exam (KPSS). The sample of the research consists of 134 individuals graduated from the faculty of sport sciences who will take the 2023 public personnel selection exam (KPSS). The descriptive survey model was used to reach the result by investigating the current situation in the specified subject. The "KPSS Anxiety Scale" developed by Karaçanta (2009), personal information (age, gender, educational status, monthly income, department, did you take formation, attending KPSS course, KPSS study period) were used.  In the data analysis, kurtosis skewness calculations, frequency, percentage calculations, reliability analysis and manova analysis for multiple variables were performed using SPSS 25.0 package programme. As a result of the statistical analysis; Among the demographic information, 26-28 years old (33.6%) in the age variable, female participants (67.2%) in the gender variable, bachelor's degree graduates (76.1%) in the education status variable, 1500 TL and below (43.3%) in the monthly income status variable, teaching and management departments (25%) in the department variable, 4), the participants who received formation in the variable of receiving formation (74,6%), the participants who did not attend the course in the variable of attending KPSS course (81,3%) and the participants who have been working for 1-5 months in the KPSS study period (53%). Considering the Public Personnel Selection Examination Anxiety levels, no significant difference was observed in the statistically obtained data results in the variables of age, economic income, graduated department, pedagogical formation training certificate and course attendance, while it was observed that the anxiety level was high in the future anxiety sub-dimension in males in the gender variable, in the bachelor's degree graduates in the graduation status variable, and in the KPSS study duration sub-dimension in individuals who prepared for KPSS for 11 months or more.

Keywords: Anxiety, Graduate, Public Personnel Selection Examination, Sports Sciences

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