Investigation of the Effect of Push-Up Exercises with and without Suspension on Some Motor Skills Applied to Young Volleyball Athletes

Fatih ERİŞ



The aim of this study was to compare the relationships between some motor skills in the upper extremity region of 20 male volleyball players aged 15-18 years, competing in the 8th Group of the 2nd League of the Turkish Volleyball Federation, with and without suspended and unsuspended Push-Up (PU) bosu ball exercises applied for 3 sessions every week for 8 weeks. In addition to the normal training program, the first group was trained with unsuspended (PU) and the second group was trained with suspended (PU) for 8 weeks. Both groups performed Medicine Ball Throw to evaluate upper extremity strength, Closed Kinetic Chain Upper Extremity Stability Test to evaluate endurance and Upper Extremity Y-Balance Test to evaluate balance before and after the training program.  As a result of this study, the difference values of the test results before and after the training were compared. A significant difference was found between the groups in the upper extremity right and left arm 0,000, Y Balance Test Medial dominant 0,000, and non-dominant 0,004, Superolateral dominant and non-dominant 0,000, Inferiorlateral dominant 0,024 and non-dominant 0,000, chest and overhead 0,000 Health Ball Throw test difference changes (p<0,05).  Performing the applications used in classical training methods on unstable grounds can increase the motivation of volleyball athletes and contribute to their performance. As a result, it seems that unsuspended and suspended (PU) exercises can increase the levels of medicine ball throwing, closed kinetic chain upper extremity stability test and upper extremity Y-balance test with the exercises applied, although the levels are different. Further studies on the subject by increasing the number of participants in different groups and using electronic devices will be useful.

Keywords: Bosu Ball, Motor Skills, Push-Up, Upper extremity, Volleyball

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